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1. Examination: Receive a specific recommendation based on the doctor’s examination and test results. This will determine if a hospitalization stay or surgery is part of the recommended treatment options, along with the potential risks involved.

2. Decision on hospitalization and/or surgery: Decide on hospitalization and/or surgery with consultation from caregivers and family members.

3. Testing prior to surgical treatment: Testing prior to surgical treatment

4. Hospitalization: Prior to hospitalization, the patient should bring ID, insurance documentation (if available), a doctor’s admission note, and any prior hospitalization records. Patient's with health insurance shall meet the Insurance coordinater (7F) first to resolve payment issues. It is recommended that patients bring their own toiletries and required personal supplemental items (toothpaste, toothbrush, towel, cup and spoon, and other necessary items.)

5. Discharge from the hospital: 
✓   Patient shall see the doctor in charge and obtain approval for discharge. Patients should also inquire about any recommended regimens post-discharge, and schedule a follow up appointment with the hospital, if needed.

✓   Patient shall pay the bill for inpatient services at the Registration area. Local insurance policy holders should see the Statistician doctor to receive appropriate the deductions.  International insurance holders should see the hospital Coordinator both before and after the hospitalization to receive the designated deductions. 

✓   After the patients receive medicine, test results from the nurse, and complete the discharge process, they are ready to leave the hospital.