Hello! Welcome to Ulaanbaatar Songdo Hospital.

Management Team


Dr. Boldsaikhan, MD, MSs. PhD - General Director,

A graduate of the Medical University of Mongolia, Dr. Boldsaikhan is a well-known cardiac surgeon, with over 25 years of medical practice. Previously worked at 3rd General Hospital from 1988 to 2011. Working as General Director and cardiology surgeon at UB Songdo hospital since 2011.

Dr. Narintara Boonjongcharoen - Executive Director

Graduated Chiang Mai University as MD in Orthopedics in 1996, earned MA degree in Medical Management from University of Southern California in 2011. Dr. Narintara has extensive experience of 17 years in hospital management.

Dr. Zorigoo – Medical Director
Cardiac surgeon with over 18 years experience, as Medical director of 3rd General Hospital (1994-1998) and Enerel hospital (2005-2012). Medical Director at Songdo Hospital since 2012.

Dr. Lhagvabayar – Head of Surgery

Colorectal surgeon with 20 years of experience, worked at 1st General Hospital (1994-2007) and joined Songdo Hospital as Head of Surgery Department at from 2007. Graduate of Medical University of Mongolia (1993), he specialized in USA from 1999-2002, and Switzerland in 2006.

Dr. Battulga – Head of Endoscopy
Worked in rural clinics since 1997, Dr. Battulga specialized in Endoscopic diagnosis of digestive system cancer at Kitasato University, Japan in 2001-2004, and worked at National Center of Cancer Research during 2005-2007. Joined Songdo as Head of Endoscopy Department since 2007.

Dr. Tuvshinjargal - Head of Radiology
Graduate of Medical University of Mongolia (1999), earned her MA degree in Medical information management from Heidelberg University of Germany, PhD degree in Neuro Imaging diagnostics at Kyushu University (2008-2012), and rejoined Songdo as Head of Radiology in 2012.

Dr. Nariya – Head of Internal Medicine
Dr. Nariya started her career as a doctor, and became the Head of the department in Dundgobi soum clinic in 1990, extensively specializing in Pulmonology. She worked at 2nd General Hospital (2002-2008), and was appointed as Head of Internal Medicine at Songdo Hospital since 2008.

Dr. Erkegul – Head of Laboratory
Clinical pathologist with 10 experience, she has been specialized in different units of laboratory, i.e. molecular biology, biochemistry, immunology, bacteriology, etc. She has been working at UB Songdo since 2007 as Head of the Laboratory.